Market Opportunity


Active Women’s Solution

According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, the number of women working out is equal or greater than men. However most of the sports supplement products are targeted men. There has been a surge in women’s lifestyle sports including yoga, triathlons and weight lifting. Yoga is now over a $6.5 billion industry with recession busting growth rates of 9.5%. Over 40% of triathlon participants were women. The average age of a triathlete is over 40, highly educated and in the upper income levels. The sports supplement industry has traditionally focused on body building products for men, with few of the products suitable for active woman. This growing market is gaining more and more attention in recent years.

Bone strength and flexibility are critical in these growing lifestyle women’s sports, especially as bone density decreases and balance is often compromised over the age of 40. A supplement targeted to women with the proven benefit of bone strength could capitalize on this growing and underserved market.