Human Research

A human clinical trial has been conducted at Florida State University with Dr. Bahram H. Arjmandi, PhD, RD. Dr. Arjmandi is the Margaret A. Sitton Professor and Chair of the Department of Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences at FSU. Dr. Arjmandi is widely published in peer-reviewed journals, and a worldwide expert in bone health.

Research Results:

KoAct® improved Bone Biomarkers

KoAct® significantly improved bone metabolic balance indicator, BAP/TRAP5b ratio, while calcium did not. This improved bone metabolism is likely through improved bone synthesis and reduced bone resorption, as evidenced via increased Bone synthesis biomarkers: BAP and CICP, and reduced bone resorption bone biomarker: TRAP.

KoAct® increased Bone Mineral Density

KoAct showed a significantly decreased bone BMD loss as compared to calcium after one year of intake.


Human results are consistent with our animal data showing a bone forming effect of KoAct® that is not observed in calcium group. KoAct® benefits bone health by both increasing bone synthesis and reducing bone resorption, shifting the bone metabolism to a more youthful level, as supported by the significant change of the BAP/TRAP5b ratio. These bone biomarker changes observed in this double-blind, placebo controlled study suggest KoAct®, a natural nutraceutical product, seems to bring all desiable characteristics to bone health management. It is a huge step forwards than a traditional calcium products.

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