Bone Strength Beyond Bone Mineral Density

KoAct®, a unique patented collagen based compound designed for advanced bone strength, offers a superior solution to bone health above calcium at a time when consumers are searching for new remedies beyond prescription drugs. KoAct®’s benefits on bone health are supported by both animal and human studies, performed by bone health experts in the research communities.

Traditional calcium supplements don’t do enough to support bone strength and flexibility. Like a rigid structure in an earthquake, bones that have lost flexibility crack, shatter and break. KoAct®’s unique collagen formula delivers more than bone mineral density. KoAct® provide a strong, flexible and fibrous protein network that supports bone structure and helps bone withstand daily impact.

Bone strength and flexibility are critical in lifestyle women’s sports, especially as bone density decreases and balance is often compromised over the age of 40. A supplement targeted to women with the proven benefit of bone strength could capitalize on this growing and underserved market.

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